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General Information

       Phrae Province is one of the most ancient cities of Northern Thailand. Phrae was established in 1371 B.E. by Phaya Pol. The former name wad "Pol Nakorn" , then changed to "Wiang Ko Sai" which means "Silk Cloth". With on of the largest reserves of teak forests in Thailand . It is located on the banks of the Yom River, some 555 kilometers from Bangkok.
       Phrae covers an area about 6538.6 square kilometers and surrounded on all sides by mountains with level plains in the middle. Phrae is administratively divided in to 8 districts. With its unique attractions, mountain scenery , and fresh , unexplored feeling, Phrae province is definitely North a visit for all.

According to legend the two cities of Phrae and Nan were once ruled by brothers. When they met to divide the land between them the one from Phrae rode on a horse, the one from Nan on a buffalo to the meeting point on top of a mountain. Hence Phrae uses a horse in their seal, while Nan uses a buffalo. When the provincial government proposed the seal in 1940, the Fine Arts Department suggested to add some historic building to the seal additional to the horse, thus it now have the pagoda of Phra Tat Cho Hae on the back of the horse. This temple is located about 9 kilometers south-east of the city Phrae.

Administrative divisions
The province is subdivided in 8 districts. These are further subdivided into 78 communes and 708 villages.

1. Muang Phrae       5. Den Chai
2. Rong Kwang        6. Song
3. Long                    7. Wang Chin
4. Sung Men            8. Nong Muang Kai

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